this was referenced first from posting Blake Ellis.

I myself have been going through the same thing as what was written in the above referenced article. I have been endeavoring to find employment ,even after numerous interviews which all seemed to go very well so folks have you believe so they can get you out the door without a incident, haven help hiring one of us of how would they be viewed in the church. it definitively seems we’re viewed in a more sub-human form. which come on folks we have bills the same as any and most of us from my community are willing to put the extra effort to prove were a asset not a detriment, most of the people in my community are very highly skilled and very honest folks.just the same as any other community but yet were seem as those people, always to be butt end of most peoples little private jokes, but still we deservenulljessica,backyard.3 employment if were qualified, people should not be hired on the ethic background and frankly im offended when they do ask those question for reason , were all human no matter what shade of color we are,and why are we not covered with same rights and privileges the rest of the GLBT Community.
Sincerely: Jessica Perritte