Here are some Examples of open aggression and discrimination against Transgender folks
Example 1. Texas Doubles Down on Transphobic Legislation, Adding $2,000 Fine for ‘Wrong’ Bathroom Use
with acts such as these there in effect saying were sub human,but in amazement there passing open carry, I urge my transgender brothers and sister get your license to carry this maybe our only way we will be able to protect ourselves from harm since the establishment would pass laws prohibiting our use of public facilities, and put us in direct harms way. I’m ashamed to be born in state were such actions are condoned and ashamed more to have served in the United States Army only to now have my communities and my rights stripped by folks I fought to protect, all I can say is when they strip are right’s you think it stops there ? no there will always be another unless this type of action is not stopped in it’s tracks it only perpetuates. but then this is my little blog with my own thoughts judge and think for yourself.
sincerely: Jessica P.