OK this first excerpt Comes from Person in the Trans-Community of mine here in Houston and she is very well respected! by me and many others.I will save my own comments till last.
Author Cristan Williams.
You know, I was over Jenner when she came out, not because she was trans, but because she’s a “reality” show Kardashian star. I’ve always had issues with the hyper-sexualized femininity sold on that show.
However, now I’m sick to death of non-trans people blasting Jenner for being a Kardashianesque star – especially people who never took the time to critique the sexualized femininity of that show when it was non-trans women performing that type of femininity. Suddenly, because she’s a trans woman, it’s somehow insightful, feminist and on-target to dog-pile Jenner for doing the same thing that many of you didn’t care about when non-trans women do it. Suddenly, it’s Jenner who’s bringing down all women, who’s being inauthentic, who’s setting back feminism… BULLSHIT!
I know it’s BS because I remember exactly how some of you treated me when I started to transition. I remember how you ostracized me, how you mocked me and how you snickered. I remember hearing how fake you thought I was. I remember exactly how transphobic so many of you were. I remember how your condescension, judgement and mocking almost killed me.
I know that many of you, after 19 years, understand that maybe you were kinda shitty to me. Most of you who I still consider as friends made an effort to make amends for the hurt you caused and I loved you all the more for coming around and letting go of the judgement and condemnation. Today, I cherish each of you for still being there, all these years later.
Having said that, one of the reasons I still rarely do meetings is that it’s triggering. Each time, it throws me back to the most painful moments of my life. Each time, I get to relive having every bond of trust and friendship I had mockingly, haughtily and instantaneously turned into condemnation, derision and disgust. Seeing so many transphobic people react to Jenner brings a lot of this front and center for me and it just sucks. It sucks that transphobia is given a platform in national newspapers, magazines and every conceivable type of media there is. It sucks that so much transphobia is being passed off as concern and feminism.

Author: Jessica Perritte
While I Tend to agree with some of what Cristan has stated, there are the difference in opinion that where or not Katelyn Jenner is associated with the Kardashians which she is! she originally came out back in February of this year which unless your a member of this Community you can not fully comprehend the magnitude one opens themselves up to when revealing such sensitive and personal information about themselves, As myself and others in the transgender Community, Speaking of Coarse the Transsexual m to f and f to m. now with that said I’ve been through what life as a transsexual pre-op, and I do applaud the actions Obama has made in equality, while not agreeing while his institution of Obama care which I feel was a violation of Constitutional Rights “Freedom of Choice”.
While growing up I grew up in large part in San Antonio. married when I was 22 became a parent at 23.now at that time my wife knew of my want to go full time we had discussed it in length, we also had what is called a open marriage. meaning she dated other men, because of my knowing I was different I allowed it for the reason she needed fulfillment in a way I could not provide her at the time so I stayed home and raised our Daughter and ran my own business. well that was in 1987 and is the early 90’s we split up meaning divorced and I retained custody of our daughter, well chaos began not at first but it was there between the dysfunctional family. I was born into which had urged me to get rid of my daughter because they were so against the open marriage we had shared, now just so people understand this while reading there a deep dark history to my background and to quote a statement from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.”What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger” is very true in my case.now back to the early 90’s my Daughter had just finished XXX Pre-School and was enrolled in 1st.grade which at first I believed it was going to be a great experience for her. which turned out to be a disastrous for our whole family, and it was because of me being Transgender he home room teach soon focused on me first approaching me after school and blatantly asking for my permission for her to adopt my daughter because of she felt it was immoral for someone like me to raise a child in her eyes , well needless to say emotions came to service instead of keeping calm and collected like always, well soon after I got introduced to the State of Texas Gestapo division CPS and even with two attorneys I was still almost powerless to stop the onslaught of religious and bigot focused assault that was committed upon my family and I . politically and religious persecution , I felt first hand and I stood solely on my own not with no GLBT Legal team just what I myself was able to muster,I have seen so many time how the transgender community has been side stepped and used to gain rights for the rest of the GLBT community were the one thing they always used to bargain with and have so for over 10 years were the concession that always gets thrown to the wayside, and I feel for Katelyn Jenner because of her notoriety she will be a big target for such hate mongers,and when even one member of our community downs another Transgender member it causes rifts and divisions in our community which we don’t need.together were more productive,efficient and helpful to each other .