Well here we are in the second in my series of actual events, in which I’ve seen a little good and whole lot of bad being used and abused in the system with the blessings of those suppose to be in charge.
Especially during the event where the Child Protective Service of Texas was used in such a horrendous misuse of a office even after numerous complaints of abuse of authority, I was arrested, jailed and held in jail. to point my court appearance and visitation had to be forcible ordered by judge because of the bigotry I was receiving.I even went to the extent since I was housed in men jail to get men included in one one visitation with there kids I did this because instead of perpetuating the bigotry and hate I attempted to turn it into a positive,

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point

I did not do it for recognition I did it because it was right thing to do,yes they were tearing my heart away, which I forgive them in there ignorance but I’ll never forget how they went about it, i’ll attempt every time to counter with kindness, it’s the only way to break that type of hate and corruption.it took me 13 years before I was to see my daughter again, and during that time as in life there’s good times and bad.well more in the next addition in the true life journey of one trans-woman