The Employment Journey. A Texan Woman’s View.

Well here I am at the Beginning of July actually in the first week of July. I’ve had few calls. my struggle is not allot different with the exception of my Transgender/Transsexual status, I am no different than any other person as anyone I’ve made past mistakes, anger, regrets that I think most folks go through in life. But as we age in life we grow to respect the knowledge and dedication we have put into in this life, hoping to make the world around us an even better place to live.
Also as side note, fashion seems to be taking turn back to late 60’s and middle 70’s, which all in all a good note for back is then individuality was paramount. But back to the current issue of employment, so many times I’ve been offered positions at entry level pay meaning $12.00 per hour but at that pay one can only hope to just exist from pay check and nothing more. Even with my years of Experience I’ve considered it but I struggle and persist to continue to find something better , I’ve had few folks asking about Federal Auctions that I’ve acted as a broker but to my disdain there mostly talk ,with no action to back up there the employment struggle continues. I’m constantly looking for something a position that can sustain me a little more than pay check to pay check.. I’m persistent, and I’ll succeed! and to those whom might read this I’m still dealing with having male name still listed upon my Texas Driver’s License, but remember that was whom someone else wanted me to be ,not whom I knew I was. Too many do not understand for someone in my position, if I had not finally gotten a handle on my identity of whom I was, I would have eventually spiraled to suicide. that would have been my only option left to me ,I know I am one of the few whom was able to find themselves ,no matter the obstacles that have been continually placed in my path. True was always a song of inspiration to me, and when it came out I was just finishing my military service and then I began my college education, something I envisioned to assist me in being the best parent I could, I took Child Psychology with study of woman’s study , I was in the Heart of Texas and during school was always made to feel very welcomed, Only that now in the real world does one discover that the attitude of general public is more controlled by religious Tyrants, and forgive the implication but when supposed Christian leader lead congregation to such actions of denying simple basic rights to gays ,lesbians and most of all transgender, I no longer consider them shepherds of flock but tyrants that abuse their position for personal reasons of some sort, now on whole other religious leaders of other religions, within my area, have not been as auspiciously active in such actions as the Christians have been. But then as most know most wars have always on whole been started because of varying religious views and Christians have bad habit of oppressing other to bend to their view. Now do not misconception upon what I’m saying, I do not despise all of that religion .just what it has become to known for. Look at what is being done in today’s Government they have become so illiterate that they cannot separate the difference of the welfare of Church and State, Texas Government is shining example of that confusion, and the Corruption is so prevalent in today’s Federal Government with the infighting .Inability to get the budget stabilized, with a another nation controlling our national debt, import export at all-time mess, look at the farm and textile this country used to known for producing. But because of allowing lobbyist into the Government Exchange it has corrupted a once great Government, were falling by the wayside as the Romans did in there day! and undeniably will be the ultimate ruin of our Social and economic progress in this Country, sad to when with the age of electronics and the ease in which we can communicate, we here in United States Communicate so poorly to all of our Allies, but this is just view of one little Transgender woman, Every day I wake and look on a constant for a Position working to improve my situation, for my dog and I. We walk morning and evening, and at this point seems the only real time one has moment of peace. But if not given this pet as a sign of how much someone cared for me when I was really at the end of my rope, meaning at the time in 01/2011 I was severely ill .I had walking pneumonia, and had to be Hospitalized for 30 days , they had told me at hospital that I had almost died and between my oldest Daughter and My Boyfriend ,For them two people at the time were the only things giving me any hope. At that time I had a moderately good job/position with Verizon Wireless doing technical Support I always enjoyed helping others and educating then, the challenge of understanding how someone else comprehends information can be fascinating and I’ve always enjoyed that, I’ve always been one with immense patients. But one can only carry so much believe in humanity before it turns to disdain and disappointment. But to resist such feeling takes a strength that is sometimes is short in supply. I’ve been to so many interviews and the Interviewers are polite and always seem to say what they perceive I might want to hear but search continues as of yet today, and with my community so divided, we do not have a chance, being unified is the only way our needs and issues will ever be addressed. Unfortunately most still cling to shirt tail of the GLBTQ Coat tail as one might say when it’s a time of separation and motivation to enact our own self-sustaining resources. Not clinging to alternate side of the social communities. But change is always at a cost if progress is to be made. Change is inevitable. But as to which way it will go will only be decided by the actions taken, not by the inaction of today’s climate..