A Texan Woman's View!

OK this first excerpt Comes from Person in the Trans-Community of mine here in Houston and she is very well respected! by me and many others.I will save my own comments till last.
Author Cristan Williams.
You know, I was over Jenner when she came out, not because she was trans, but because she’s a “reality” show Kardashian star. I’ve always had issues with the hyper-sexualized femininity sold on that show.
However, now I’m sick to death of non-trans people blasting Jenner for being a Kardashianesque star – especially people who never took the time to critique the sexualized femininity of that show when it was non-trans women performing that type of femininity. Suddenly, because she’s a trans woman, it’s somehow insightful, feminist and on-target to dog-pile Jenner for doing the same thing that many of you didn’t care about when non-trans women do it. Suddenly, it’s Jenner who’s bringing…

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