First I’m going to reference some published articles for statement of first one is from Depart of Labor Statistics now this one is for over all in the United States.USA employment statistics 08/2015 now currently the government”our elected officials say  the economy is getting better but the main stay of employment hiring is bellow poverty pay. mean normal person has to obtain two jobs to sustain them as they did before in 2007 before crumble of economy,now if we compare statistics and graphs the only improvement has been about one whole statistic point per year, now if I was hired and did such a slow improvement the company of employment would terminate me for non performance of duty.graphs & statistics from 05 to 2015 BLS , while researching this information found some very interesting information that the government website is greatly embellishing the numbers because other periodical reports like Forbes and a few others report the unemployment number to be at least twice the number the labor department is reporting!for instance tackling the real unemployment rate. forbes.. now here is ychart from yahoo unemployment charts 2015 and even periodicals like the the guardian shows unemployment rate higher than the labor depart statistics, goodness is this miss information to we the people you judge.unemployment by the guardian 2015, so leads me to believe in splinting the higher numbers and coming up in middle ground to get a more accurate idea,


This is a attempt to keep from being homeless,
I’ve gone through bad experience with a disreputable employer whom refused to pay me and also discriminated against me forcing me to file case with Texas  work force and EEOC , one for employer violating the Texas payday law, second one for discrimination for releasing and showing  copies of my drivers license and social security card  and discussing some of my personal medical issue with someone not affiliated with the company there by risking my personal safety , but because of this ive tried finding job which im continuing to do, pawning everything I could just to keep utilities on but has left me without funds to pay rent and manager has issue notice for eviction im doing everything within my ability to keep my place I have no one to turn to and any help anyone would be willing to give Ill gladly accept, im at the end of my rope and am asking for help ive never needed before but unfortunately its time I have to, in need of help please have heart.
well just got notified  I have week before owner of building is going to have me evicted when pours it rains been here four years and always on time with rent this first month rents been late and the new owners are not understanding.