The Scandles behind Texas Politics. and here is another link for referencesPolitical scandals in Texas
Now just so people that read this article don’t end up things I’m some crack pot, I as a proud resident born and raised in Texas, just suggest bring issue to light or so that folks know what the issue is, first we have to clean our own back yard as one would say before working on the larger picture, when something broke start with the most simplest things first work your way into the root of the problem , far too long, here in the great state of Texas we have allowed what I refer to as the good ole boys club. meaning the politician,senators, state representatives, even trickling down into city and county government position and really unfortunately even our children s school board and public education system to were ever were you look there is some constant corruption, dealing with self interest and ,when its a elected position the peoples interest should be first concern not, your own self indulgence, has everyone lost sight of what common sense, integrity and public responsibility is!how is anything going to improve if we cannot physically set the example for our children, other wise it will just get worse ,have you ever heard of monkey see money do well children learn and retain the information more readily that way more so than verbal. my thoughts on corruption clean up should be starting at city county level so that school board officials are investigated too. a independent third party non bias ethics investigation committee ,yes I realize it would be slow process but it has to be better than the current train wreck we as citizen of Texas are headed for.and here another link about a recent even dealing with social services program corruption! Another state official resigns in wake of contracting scandal thing being is we need to let our Representative know public servant corruption should be prosecuted as if it was copral punishment murder because of the effect on mass amount of people, that they chose to represent, here is one dealing with education, so sad indeed.University of Texas Can’t Hide Scandal behind Privacy Laws and yes even this issue with Sandra Bland Blame the Police 10k 1.3k 2k Sandra Bland’s arrest and death are a national scandal. The police are responsible. these type of scandles seem to be pushed under rug, and the politicians intentional try to divide the ethic groups in order to keep them from uniting and effect change on there corrupt and UN-ethical ways.and yet again here is another report with corruption in the educational system of Texas.TEXAS BORDER SCHOOL SCANDAL HIGHLIGHTS CULTURE OF CORRUPTION and the next link is a corruption scandal list created by democrat’s so with it being done by political party it is bias I will attempt to find one for each side to be fair.ok well this is what I found. 24 Underreported Democrat Scandals That Make News Media’s ‘Bridgegate Mania’ Look Like a Joke and then here is list of all political scandles listed.List of federal political scandals in the United States been looking for something of the same with it being focused directly on Texans representatives and politicians,but for now we will have to suffice with this. Political scandals in Texas and to close with for now here is link that will put smile as you finish this small article.POLITICS 10 Hilariously Stupid American Political Scandals