First thing I will do is reference printed Articles Like for Instance ,The Great Texas Prison Mess By Robert Draper. may 1996. Texas Monthly, very well written article. the-great-texas-prison-mess/ truly astounding that this was not stopped before it started and that none of the prison inmates had sue the Texas Agricultural departments and Texas prison system for poisoning them ,the viata pro food supplement that had been served through the entire Texas prison system, was deemed not even fit for animals but yet it was served to Texan men and woman prison inmates. it really shows the character and ethics of a governing committee like Texas legislature and Attorney Generals to the Governor.and I really a great shame to be a Texan resident , such great state but such a corrupt system that does now work for the people whom have devoted there labor to making her the great State she is because the government does nothing but promote the policies of special interest like Corporations and big business which are largely foreign own sad.And yet her again is recorded scandal out supposed civic leader have been involved in yet they have not been removed from office.A Week Full of Texas Political Scandal April 3, 2015By R.G. Ratcliffe , Texas Monthly . I will research some more for this article but point being there’s a problem and we the residence of Texas need to resolve theses political ethics and corruption issue within our own state, if our children are to have the education they deserve instead of third world education.