Well morning all today post is about well as title says My struggle to seek employment ,while i’ve been to numerous interviews and everyone was polite but misleading would be the appropriate word I would use,some seemed genuinely interest yet here I am blogging about it, well some might assume that being  in my position one would just concede themselves to being unemployed, and I will go on to say this, I did a test and re-edited the name on my resume and put it in the male sense and my response was more but when I showed to interview guess I was not what they were expecting and yes I was dressed very professionaL., So instead of letting all the denials and misleading Interviews drag me down I decided to start doing address curb  numbers, so I composed a flyer, ordered some business cards , bought paint and Stencils and carrier to place supplies in and then prepped the stencils and base background design stencil and started this weekend passing flyer out now keep in mind , I have to give kudos and thanks  to one my closest and dear friends whom leant me the money to try to get back on my feet, now I would like all whom read this especially in my community, the Transcommunity, my id is still in male sense but I’ve always worked in the female sense, because ive always presented myself as a woman for this is truly me and yes I know allot of people from outside the community don’t understand that, but when I had to present myself as male ,I was at the breaking point of not just considering suicide but planning how, because of the self hatred I felt presenting myself as someone I was not, if you dont love yourself ,how can you love anyone around you, and my own self hatred was manifesting itself and I knew if I did not do something to resolve it I knew what I was headed for! because oh that self loathing , I would say at that time it emanated from me and I was not a pleasant person to hang out with. so here and now with all the rejections and still constant search even though I continue to search to keep myself afloat i’m doing these curb numbers.Thank you for taking the time to look this advertisement Flyer add. Business Cards.pdf well if you would let me know and any comments would be appreciated and if there a subject of interest leave comment and i’ll be happy to research and  write about it, everyone stay safe and have a pleasant weekend.

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