Bigotry in texas politics!

Boss Rule in South Texas: The Progressive Era is one of the articles ive read including some more recent publications but this one stood out the most. now couple thing I will assert Bigotry is not just limited to ones  race,gender,sexual preference or national origin and Religion or sexual preference, it can also be against some of more experienced age.meaning any over the age of say 50, why 5 Examples of Bigotry in Texas Politics , Ok and her is another Eample that the Bigotry is rearing it’s head in Texas Texas-legislatures-celebrate-ban-on-gay-marriage-with-traditional-bigotry-cake, and they used tax payers money to celebrate with this cake and did it in the Capitol Building itself, sad state of affairs indeed.Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was in the lead on this cake cutting ceremony how is he and his co-horts serving any interest but there own with is type of racism and Bigotry, they should be removed and ban from ever running for office.Rep Molly White was one of the folks Identified in this celebration,State Rep Cecil Bell was another, Special Interest group leader Johnathan Saenz, was center of this cutting ceremony Senator Donna Campbell participated,how can these people whom are suppose to be public servants meaning to serve all Texans not just the special interest with there slush funds of corrupt money ,

In some ways, it was still 2005 in the room. The Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams introduced state Rep. Cecil Bell (R-Magnolia), who opened with a joke. “I always take a picture of the audience,” he told the crowd, pulling out his phone, to prove to his wife that he is where he said he would be. After all, “it’s until death do us part, and it’s me she was talking about killing.” Traditional marriage, you see, is the bond between a man and his nagging wife.

The event was organized by Jonathan Saez, the president of the anti-gay group Texas Values. You may remember Saez—he was most recently in the news when his wife filed for divorce and left him for a woman. while that goes to prove how little these folks  know even about there own surroundings and personal events,

In any event this article is just to get others to think folks like these people mentioned they justify and legalize there bigotry by assume a position of trust and then betraying the vary people there suppose to helping.there should be measures taken to prosecute and permanently ban such people whom betray the people of Texas by there self serving actions.please leave comments and thoughts.