Well Here we are It’s December 25th for those of you of the mass religion it’s Christmas in all it’s Commercial glory, wow have people been lead astray, goodness your compassion only goes on how much monetary means you have to spend ,sad really !  when you think about all that could be done  and very little monetary means would be at a minimal to better the environment and persons in ones communities, this meaning here in Texas It has become a state of totalitarianism, well our politicians that represent this state have become so infected with greed and glutinous urgings of right wing Christianity churches that inflicting harm on others by bigotry, hatful denial of ones civil liberties is at a all time shocking high! and when its a season of compassion supposedly from what they say I see nothing but a oppressive state government persecuting the less fortunate.well i’ll be adding more to this blog later in the day ,i’m cooking but not for what used to be called a family but for homeless veterans and there spouses so i’ll be back after I’ve served my fellow brother and sisters in arms to ease their holiday a bit.