Personal essay!

Please forgive me if this is not exciting, but here I go , I can from farming community in East Texas originally, family migrated to San Antonio, Texas during the Vietnam war and became Military , and during that process learned what loss was about, and how my family struggled through it and during that I was growing up , and as with every person I had my own issue, for instance being the first transgender child in the San Antonio school district, and them not really knowing what to do with me so during elementary, junior high and high school , instead of having physical education as did all of my class mates I was assigned to the Library and now some people would think what a shame I soon learned there was a lot of things one could learn in a library , teachers planned there test in the library and always through the answers away , and I learned that after few years of being a librarian , I enjoyed the peace and the independence that came from that , and I guess in some ways that what originally sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in me , so by age 15 I had found a part-time job in a body shop where I was able to encourage my artistic abilities, and for two years after that did airbrushed murals on cars trucks vans and motorcycles, were I did win several awards for my painting in the Darrel starboard car shows , but as something good happens so does life , and I ended up losing my grandparents and great grandparents whom raised me and because I’m whom I am my mother remarried and step-father was all but detrimental to me and my situation, I t  taught me to be Independent as possible and I guess that is why I’ve tried several times to run my own business, even though I’ve might have ended  up failing in the end it always gave me a sense of confidence and self-respect in my belief in myself and what I could really accomplish when I set my mind to it, even though I knew it was against the rules I  joined the army for brief time 4 years served as Military police ,dog trainer assistant. I did that so I could finally go to a good college in which I did I went to St. Mary’s University and studied Child Psychology, and all being told It was so one day I could help other kids and families like myself so that life would not be as hard as it was for me, after graduating St. Mary’s University, I became a High school counselor for 2 years but was overwhelmed being the only counselor in the High school of 2000 kids. and almost had a nervous breakdown, wanted to help kids so much overloaded myself and so I went back to work for myself, now allot of the time when I describe going to work for myself I was working regular job plus my own part time business of my own in most cases. As has been with my current employment have federal auction License, I do allot of it proxy ,meaning over the computer and then bigger ticket items like Lear jets large ships tractor-trailer I broker the deals and take a percentage , now don’t get me wrong love doing this but business has been bad since the economic decline of 2008 on I’ve worked for several really wonderful companies like Yahoo small business Texas Instrument and Verizon wireless and with each one have gone through layoffs like in my current situation and truth be known I was having work done on my teeth till I got unexpectedly laid off with Verizon  wireless, many times I’ve struggled  though I may not always be as successful as I like I’ve always continued to learn from my experiences, I’ve had moment’s in employments where it has not been a right  fit or may have just been wrong place at wrong time but even though it has helped me grow as a more rounded person, as all of us know right now economy still struggles while with a  presidential election were seems either candidate is unwilling to put meat on the bone and make a true statement of what they really want to do if elected as president, sad really, but I will endeavor to find a reasonable investor, and gainful steady employment, which even though I’ve made some wonderful interviews it still seems that employers are really looking to do ethnic hiring not skilled hiring. But I endeavor to continue.I know as weird as it may seem sometimes one has to look back on their past to make sure you have learned your lesson correctly even though some of life lessons are harsh and most times cruel we must forge ahead , not just cultivating the cruel parts of life but combining them for they really are so that it continues to remind you , to always ask the who,when where and why,always questioning things and not taking them at casual acceptance, as so many have accepting what we see and are told without questioning things as we should all things we see though media and news are but one or a few people perspective , use your own judgement and not what others tell you ,you should think, goodness where human were suppose to be free thinkers., well I’ll add more later today,And by the way have been contemplating Job offer ,with the U.S.  Army in the United States Virgin Island , nice place to vacation just attempting to find out what would be the living cost to physically work there since I would be working  for the US Army Corps of Engineers on one year contract. me and Bruno,