Well once again I know my post have been scarce but I’ve been job hunting, this post is going to be about division in the nation! well because from what I’m seeing and this is the view of simple person such as myself, I see a lot of ethnic hiring, living here in Houston , and I understand that the european  american or as some would label caucasian, and unfortunate as it is , the folks were representing from Obama to Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump there all just stirring the pot , in an attempt  to keep the public attention diverted from real issues like the constant over bloated over spending of our government. racial ethnic has always been an easy target to divert the public attention away from real issues and politician know it that is why they use such deplorable tactic. Melting Pot. is what they have created which is sad instead of us as citizen of this nation working together, you see time and time again of how so many is employing on ethnic basis instead of everyone teaching each other of their backgrounds , we seem to be isolating ethnically and I’m calling it the way I’m seeing it in the current job market.conflict and cooperation in america well all this seems so odd especially since here we come up on another Presidential election.and once again the person wanting to represent this nation but from what been shown through media coverage , neither candidate has been very mature about  running their campaign, which is truly disheartening to show the sign of the time,guess that is why I’m a devoted prepper reason being with all the distractions our politicians have been doing makes me wonder what is really going on behind the scenes and then when we have two people running for the office of united states president , and they both are clearly not qualified, worries me that there is no qualified persons attempting to run, like they know the debt to china going to be called in and rats  jumping from sinking ship saying.that is why I prepare for the worst  but hope for the best. just being realistic about what might be to come prepared rather than taking the word of the two representatives  now because they  clearly don’t have a clue.and if one kept tabs on this you know there has been a definite surge in interest Survivalist Living ., well as I collect  more information I’ll post it then, till then keep safe be prepared and always check information given.