Well found a job, and as a added bonus it;s something I’ve got a little knowledge about and actually believe in , and i’m not selling just trying to inform customers of the benefit of getting a no upfront cost evaluation set to get technician in to visit them so there home and evaluate whether it possible for them to have solar and get off the antiquated coal driven energy grid and have something of value and a resource that will allow them to be more independent as a american individual family and have a resource that will only produce more and more the longer it remains there by being beneficial instead of a hindrance which I think has become all to prevalent think how much a year you pay in just electric bills , I’ll bet not one of your electric companies have ever been offered a discount or cash back on your electric bill because of how many kilowatts you purchase


Now keep in mind this program is only for Florida residence, unfortunately at this time these benefits for getting off the Good Ole boy electrical grid is only for current florida home owners now keep in mind that it does not exclude snowbirds whom own homes down hear that they vacation at, so there are so many benefits , but so many floridians have been pummeled over and over time and again with the phone with scam and irrelivent sales calls it is struggle to get them to take the calls from me and listen to what really going on, But then they been conditioned to the scammer sales call montra. SunShine Solar on whole this is fairly stable company, small but resilient, and I hope to grow with it, as long as It can meet my financial needs , which upon my move from Texas to Florida.has been more than expected and being 55 not as spry as I used to be.while solar power has been around . lets see my research shows.
Solar PV (photovoltaic) was first discovered in 1839 by French scientist Edmond Becquerel. Over the next 100 years, there were other discoveries and inventions, including several discoveries by Albert Einstein, who received a Nobel Prize for his theories on the photovoltaic effect in 1921. also what about the conversion from dc power which is what the solar panels collect solar panels and also here is another thing I’ve always been cautious about how ,when ,why and where .https://youtu.be/wHOulpxI4Us.

make sure this is right for you and can it be upgraded or added to for example adding solar wind turbines to increase electrical input

https://youtu.be/b-luiwi9MCg These are things folks we can do to increase our power input especially around those holiday seasons were you have relatives and friends coming over and your decorating and your power consumption increases ,just fyi thing to think about so at the beginning of the year your not sitting there going through the bills for the house and thinking dear god its eating me alive and you might have plans that have to change because now it has become for financially feasible .

if you have these solar panels and solar turbines which as I’ve said only add to benefit the family financially, I know I’m going to do it , its like a no brainer , renting versus owning, why throw your money away,and end up having to retire later in life because of expenses . be responsible to yourself and your family , give them something that will keep giving for decades to come , little now for allot later or give to the fat good ole boys electric fund.my companies pros and con reviews

sunshine solar customer reviews its always good to know to the good and bad. so if your in florida and you want someone honest and dependable fill out form above I’ll get in touch with you and I will make sure and follow every step of the way with you,to make sure your concerns are address and you know your getting the best possible product and service possible
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