While still relatively new to Florida, I’ve been seriously disappointed in the job search , I’ve found two jobs both ended up being scam companies and I Lasted a week in both of them , while robo calls are extremely illegal scam companies, once I realized what they were doing I removed myself, simple ethics , though it doesn’t help my pocket book I’m back in the search for stable reputable company to work for, don’t get me wrong , i’m not high and mighty but at end of day when I go to sleep. if im tossing and turning over decisions made the previous day. one has to ask themselves is this right for you, and my answer was no so I rectified the issue and will continue the search . and allot of job interviews I’ve gone on have told me sorry but your over qualified ,but  it does get disheartening , i’m trying to scrap by on extremely limited shoe string budget, and have started doing some more federal auctions ,so that I can meet my living expenses, so in the hunt my auctions I can acquire anything from office and call center equipment to restaurant equipment to lawn care,farm equipment , cars trucks ,planes, boats, scooters, 4 wheelers , normally I try to find buyer before I go after items , but one never knows in today’s economic climate especially when we gone from being the worlds major producer of things to importing almost all of them from china , so repurposed items is more effective to get the job done so if you ever need to find something and are in the market contact me and guaranteed it will be best decision you ever made I believe in be honest ,ethical and efficient with maintaining a reasonable profit for my time  and experience, and remember my motto is always leave a place better place than when you found it. including  real estate.

So if you would contact me and let me see what I can do for you, i’m registered bidder with military and federal and state auctions leave me a message

jessie Perritte


832 425 7450