Company a, because I am consistently looking to continued this employment search instead of saying job search as I have  some of you might of known,I had been Unemployed for bit, but I did find some employment at a Lower scale than I was used to but all the same we all do what we have to in order to survive.,Keep in mind that even with experience ,skill and knowledge the employers  have so many applicants  looking for jobs with all the layoffs in the recent industries here in Houston with the lower gas prices, allot of oil gas and energy companies have scaled back in the work force, and when that happens Discrimination is more prevalent meaning they look for the younger under 50 non military and now because of the so liberal climate non Caucasian whom now are the Minority,believe it or not!

Now i’m not complaining only making a subjective observation,and the discrimination is even more prevalent when the employer knows i’m Transgender,But i’m very open about my status, reason being so open is when being so open it helps me avoid employers whom look dis favorably upon my community, I guess folks Like that are the exact ones that would rather never have my community heard  and only seen in porn video’s, one thing I’ve seen trending that is very disturbing  is hiring solely upon ethnic background, and not basing it upon experience and skill and knowledge,

I have hope dreams goals I would like to obtain, I deal honestly, straight forward sometime abrupt , but always with my own integrity in mind, in a time when common sense has lost its place in society.

The economic and social climate  has become more racially charged, like something I’ve not seen in 20 years more  of regression instead of progression, while Liberal views  in limited amounts can be a good thing, but as we all know too much of any one thing is always bad.thing! like a alcoholic with bar right next door  instead of dieting our intake, People have become so dependant upon smart phones and tablets and laptops and computers , while there excellent tools used in the proper way they can be just like a gun misused they cause irreparable damage and we as a society have become glutinous fools for instance Transgender woman arrested for entering women’s bathroom at Houston library

and also there are a couple  in Dallas Texas , my thoughts on this is Look these folks are just attempting to got to the restroom just like any other person without fear of being assaulted but then from what I’ve read seems the assault has been of the mental type and degradation and not in one instance was there wrong doing that has been speculated by some right wing bigots, maybe its time they clean up there minds if it automatically goes to such depraved acts ,but then with all these electronics people are so distracted and disconnected from one another,which for corrupt Government and corporations it would be good to get there lobbyist to push bills though that are in favor of big business and may not be good for the regular working person, especially since I’ve noticed gas prices went  down but food prices have almost doubled things Like dairy, beef, pork and lamb have risen during this time and eggs prices have doubled during the lower gas prices.when all  of these should have dropped in prices.funny how our government lies to the general public in concerns to our economic status when our country is so far in debt yet were constantly lending money to countries that would love nothing more that to terrorize us,and we police the world without being compensated, well maybe its time we clean up our own shores before worrying about the rest of the world, goodness knows with our inept lazy and self serving government there not interested in helping no one but themselves meaning top 2% wealthy.  always try to keep attention away from themselves so they can control the flow of the country.sad really ,remember all comments are always welcomed.